Who we are

An Innovative Start Up at your service.

Our research center has designed and developed the entire robot, from mechanics to electronics, software and firmware, nothing has been developed externally, this to protect the intellectual and invention properties, protecting every detail and solution. , with patents extended all over the world. This project was born 28 years ago, and was FULLY FINANCED WITH PRIVATE CAPITAL, today it has become a reality.

Start-up yes ... but with almost 40 years of experience

Free Green Nature,was founded by two entrepreneur partners, the first with 38 years of experience in mechanical design and production, owner of a company specializing in cold metal forming and mold making, the second, with 37 years of experience in microprocessor electronic design, founder of national and international companies, with absolutely innovative high-tech products, owner of several national and (PCT) world patents. What can we do together? Simply MECHATRONICS, so there are no limits, neither technical nor creative, so LET'S HAVE FUN! When work is a passion, the results obtained can only be extraordinary.

The entire research and development project up to the realization and construction HAS BEEN ENTIRELY FINANCED WITH PRIVATE CAPITAL!